Our Programs

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Tiny Fingers Piano Class

Recommended for pre-schoolers age 3 which will be offered on Saturday mornings, and or one weekday morning per week depending on interest and enrollment. Utilizing our state of the art Musiq Club piano lab, children will learn in a fun supervised environment the basics of piano, how to read notes, and more importantly how to tap into their own creativity to improvise and compose their own melodies. This is an excellent stepping stone to private lessons, or for pre-schoolers a wonderful way to start learning and experiencing the appreciation of making music a part of their life. Classes will be one hour long, and will run in 8-10 week sessions, beginning in late September, January and April. Please email for scheduling and pricing info.

Kindermusik (R)

Kindermusik is a class for infants to 18 months, and 18 months to 3 years, and even a program for 4-7 year olds fostering musical concepts and focussing on the development of the whole child. Using music and movements children engage in activities that stimulate cognitive, social, emotional development as well as fine and gross motor skills. According to research, integrating music into a child’s daily routine actually improves his or her ability to think, reason, create and express. Kindermusik strives to engage children in an age-appropriate and socially accepting environment to facilitate development which has many benefits:

  • Phonological processing, spoken language and comprehension skills that are the foundation of reading,
  • Spatial-temporal and reasoning skills required for math and science,
  • Social and emotional skills essential for school readiness.

The Piano Workshop also offers ABC Music & Me as a partner program at local schools. ABC Music & Me is an award-winning music enrichment program for 2 to 6 year olds that is designed for early childhood learning centers.

In a typical ABC Music & Me class students will engage in activities such as:

  • Songs and rhymes to develop phonetic awareness and early reading skills
  • Tapping, clacking, and ringing rhythm instruments in time with music to improve hand-eye coordination
  • Focused listening with music to improve skills in following directions
  • Instrument play to strengthen fine motor skills
  • Developmentally-appropriate songs to develop vocal chords and expressive speech
  • Learning that emphasizes storytelling, imaginative play, and taking turns

Recitals, Performances & Aspiring Performers Program

We host student recitals throughout the year. Typically in December, March and June. I know there are some people for which the idea of performing in front of a group is enough to make them quit piano. So, while I strongly encourage participation in by recitals, they are not required. In some cases first time performers like and are welcomed to come observe a recital first. This usually paves the way to a positive rewarding first recital experience especially for younger students.

We also offer additional performance opportunities via fund raising events in the area, benefit concerts where we are invited to bring students to perform, local churches senior living facilities etc. These provide more experience in performing, exposure and develop a lot of confidence.

Band lessons Chester

Jazz Band Improvisation/Ensemble Workshop

Learn and hone your improvising skills, even if you never did this before. Also learn how to play together and communicate as a group without a conductor. Study and learn the basics of Jazz and Blues theory, as well as get familiar with how to commonly “trade” solos as done in Jazz groups. Class open to advanced beginner level players and up, as well as other instrumentalists including guitar, drums and sax. These groups will be run in 8 week sessions on Thursday evenings, and/or Saturday afternoons beginning in September. Times and scheduling may vary depending on enrollment, student availability and scheduling. Please email us for more detailed information.

Piano Workshop Rock Band Jam

We will sponsor our Rock Band Jam sessions in 8 week sessions beginning in September. Scheduling will be Thursday evenings or Saturday afternoons depending on student availability. Open to guitarists, keyboardists, drums, etc. and sessions will be limited to 5-6 players depending on instrument mix. Focus on playing cover tunes, technical skills and how to play as a “team”. Check out the video link from our Summer Mini-Camp Program. Please email us for more details.

Groovy Loops Class

By using our new “Megamix” software which is the PC equivalent of “GarageBand”, you get to create your own radio and CD ready music! Every piece of music you hear on the radio, TV, or film is made using multi-track recording programs just like this! The concept is simple-layering. We start with a riff, a theme, a beat – whatever you want! Then we begin to layer on top of that a melody, a new beat, etc. etc. – the possibilities are endless. We will be using pre-recorded samples and virtual instruments with our keyboards to compose radio-ready pieces of music that you can burn onto CD and show off to all your friends!

If you know NOTHING about composition, this class is for you; We will be covering the basics of chord structure and composing melodies, etc. And likewise if you are an experienced composer, this class will only further your skills. Listen to the MP3 loop!!!

We offer this class one hour per week in 6-8 week sessions depending on scheduling and interest. Please email for more details regarding cost and time preferences.

Adult Lessons

Private and Group

Adults study piano for many reasons. Aside from the fact that it is FUN, and they made a decision to embark upon a wonderful journey to discover their musical side, there is now scientific research to support the fact that piano and keyboard lessons actually make us healthier.

Adult students learn differently than a seven year old. On the one hand a seven year old usually has much better coordination. On the other, adults have better developed thinking skills and this is a tremendous help in learning how to play piano and read music.

We also offer our Recreational Music Making program to groups of seniors. We typically run these classes in ten week sessions and offer a relaxed, stress free environment where adults can learn favorite pieces on the piano totally for the fun and enjoyment of playing. Classes meet once per week, minimum number of students per class is six. Please email or call for more information.

Long Distance Lessons Via Skype

If you live far away, you may have heard about our teaching strategies and wish to take lessons. Additionally you may be more local but may be either confined to your home, home schooled or just a little too far for us to be able to send a teacher to your area. You can now be a long distance learner via Skype video. All you need is the following:

  • A free Skype account
  • A Broadband Internet connection
  • A USB headset, recommended but not required
  • Piano or Keyboard

MusIQ Club After School Enrichment Programs

We are one of very few schools throughout the whole country offering these classes to beginners from pre-schoolers to 6th graders. Utilizing state of the art award winning software, in a fun interactive setting your pre-schooler can learn all about composers, the basics of piano playing, notes, rhythms and even compose their own songs.

For more information please Contact Us.

The Piano Workshop at Chester

Performance Master Class

Open to beginners as well as intermediate and advanced level students. Great for beginners and younger students who haven’t performed in a recital yet. Also excellent for advanced students to prepare for upcoming recitals and/or auditions. Bring a piece to perform. Get critiqued. Learn as you not only get critiqued, but as you listen and watch as others get critiqued as well. Work on performance “choreography”, work on phrasing, dynamics and pedaling techniques.

Classes, One-on-One Instruction

An industry standard, comparable to Pro Tools, Acid, etc… and with all the features of Garageband and more. An extremely sophisticated and streamlined program, Logic allows users to create music with unlimited freedom. Great for intermediate to advanced musicians who want to create totally professional music/film scores using samples, virtual instruments, and live-recording. Logic is used for much music heard on the radio nowadays, along with the biggest blockbuster movies of our time.

Private Voice Lessons

All students will be taught by a private vocal instructor on the primary techniques of healthy singing (ie. breath support, posture, control). As the students become advanced they will be taught sight singing, ear training and music theory.

Along with proper technique, the instructor will work with the student in perfecting the presentation and overall performance of each piece that they work on. All students will work on many styles of music from classical to broadway, to help them become a well rounded vocalist.