• Welcome to The Piano Workshop at Chester Blog Page

    Welcome to the Piano Workshop at Chester Blog Page! Our mission at The Piano Workshop at Chester is to not only help students achieve their musical goals but also to spread the positive power of music. This will be a fun, one-stop shop for topics relating to Music and Music Education.  You can expect to […]
  • Practice Tips

    – by Dorian Morales   This blog post explores how to effectively practice while saving time and frustration.  I find myself saying everything from this list several times daily!   Give it the time it deserves Devote a minimum of 15 minutes a day to practice whenever possible.  Not much can be accomplished in less time.  […]
  • Reasons to Continue Music Lessons Over the Summer

    Summer is almost here!  Long days at the beach, barbecues, fresh air and the great outdoors- I can hardly wait! For kids this is a particularly special time of year for one very obvious reason- no school! Kids are so busy nowadays with school and activities that they rarely get a chance to unwind and […]
  • “Hello” – Easy Sheet Music

    Here is a simplified teaser of “Hello”, by Adele, that is easy enough for most Intermediate Level students to play.  Below is a short piano transcription and video.  Enjoy!
  • Benefits of Music Education for Children

    – By Dorian Morales In Plato’s “Republic,” Socrates along with a symposium of nobility famously explore the question, “How do we best educate our children and make society as close to perfect as possible?” After thought-provoking and often humorous banter, they come to a conclusion that balance between “Music and Gymnastics” creates the foundation of […]