Welcome to The Piano Workshop at Chester Blog Page

Welcome to the Piano Workshop at Chester Blog Page!

Our mission at The Piano Workshop at Chester is to not only help students achieve their musical goals but also to spread the positive power of music.

This will be a fun, one-stop shop for topics relating to Music and Music Education.  You can expect to find scholarly articles and studies, practice tips, notated excerpts from popular songs, as well as interesting musical facts, stories, anecdotes, and more!

Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Dorian Morales (http://thepianoworkshopatchester.com/dorian-moraless/) and I am a Senior Teacher at the Piano Workshop at Chester (thepianoworkshopatchester.com).  In addition to my 10+ years experience in teaching, I am also an accomplished composer.  I have provided music for well-known companies such as PBS, MTV, z100, and Moviefone.com.  Additionally, I have performed at Carnegie Hall several times and have been featured on TV for my music.

My proudest moments are the ones when I get to watch my students succeed. Some of them have even played at Carnegie Hall themselves as well as NJPAC.  One of my student’s music was even featured in a movie!

Music permeates every aspect of my life, and I would like to share some of my passion with you!

Feel free to send us your ideas and comments.


Dorian Morales