Ben Schroeder – Piano, Voice Teacher

The Piano Workshop at Chester

Ben Schroeder can be described truly as a lover of music. Composing choral works since he was in high school his pieces have been performed by a number of choirs throughout New Jersey. He received his BA in Music in addition to a BA in Physics from the University of Rochester in 2003.
His talent as a pianist and composer are complimented very nicely by his rich Bass voice. A member of the famed Harmonium Choral Society since 2004 he is currently their Bass II Section Leader. He was also the Bass Section Leader and Soloist for the PeaPack Reformed Church in Gladstone, NJ from 2003-2007. Currently Ben is the Music Director for Abiding Peace Lutheran Church in Budd Lake, NJ.
As a Music Teacher Ben shares his passion for music with all those that want to learn. His skills as a musician are equally matched by his patience as an instructor.
Ben Schroeder’s professional career travels have enabled him to share his musical gifts with audiences and students across the globe. This is a privilege he plans to continue for many years to come.