Our Mission

Welcome to our Website! And Welcome to The Piano Workshop!!!

The goal of our site is to enable you to evaluate what we do, what we offer and to provide you with some perspective on how we intend to help you meet your musical goals and expectations.

When someone calls me to inquire about lessons, the first question they ask is, “What is your teaching philosophy?” My best response to this question is not to tell them about the one way that we teach: all of our teachers have different styles and adapt to meet the needs of a particular student. It is more accurate to tell you what we do not do. We won’t sit you or your child down at the piano, and go through a lesson book chapter by chapter, and hope for the best. We also do not match you up with an instructor who has barely read through the lesson book for the first time, and has now been deemed a “piano teacher.”

I convinced my parents to let me quit taking piano lessons when I was about twelve! It wasn’t until I was in college, majoring in music – but not the piano – that I actually fell back in love with the instrument. When I finally did, it was because I found a teacher that understood not only my learning style, but also how to teach me what I really wanted to learn. That was something that none of my childhood instructors had a clue how to teach. Now, thirty years later I am using his philosophies as well as those of six or seven other mentors of mine who are some of the best known musicians in the industry.

At The Piano Workshop, we have fourteen extremely talented and capable instructors, each with a different strength and focus. Unlike any other music school in the area whose main concerns are filling time slots, every single instructor at the Piano Workshop has a personal, dedicated interest in your music education. We match each student with an instructor that will be the best suited to teach the student the necessary skills and related theory to learn to play and grow musically. This approach will allow you or your children to tap into your individual creative spirit and begin a lifelong journey of exploring and appreciating music.

I am available always via email, or phone to discuss any issues, thoughts, ideas or concerns you may have about your lessons, progress or anything whatsoever, I take an active role in understanding where each student is at, their relationship with their teacher, repertoire they are working on etc.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Mark Weisman