Tiny Fingers

Tiny Fingers

Programs for Pre-K – 2nd Grade

MusIQ Club is a comprehensive multi-level program for students from kindergarten to grade nine. Our programs combines leading interactive music learning software with qualified and experienced music teachers. We offer a convenient, affordable opportunity for students to participate in group instrumental music lessons at no cost to the school.

At lessons times, a qualified, well-trained and experienced teacher will bring an advanced music technology system to your school and lead our interactive music learning program. During their time in MusIQ Club, students learn how to play the piano, read music and tap into their own creativity to improvise and compose their own musical pieces, making music and enjoyable part of their lives.

The MusIQ Club keyboard and software for home use is available for purchase. The software used to facilitate the MusIQ Club classes makes practice at home something to look forward to, and therefore more productive.

The Piano Workshop