Early Childhood Programs

Early ChildhoodKindermusik is a class for children 0 to 5, broken into three different age groups, that focuses on the development of the whole child. Using music and movement children engage in activities that stimulate cognitive, social, emotional development as well as fine and gross motor skills. According to research, integrating music into a child’s daily routine actually improves his or her ability to think, reason, create and express. Kindermusik strives to engage children in an age -appropriate and socially accepting environment to facilitate development in areas such as:

  • Phonological processing, spoken language and comprehension skills that are the foundation of reading,
  • Spatial-temporal and reasoning skills required for math and science,
  • Social and emotional skills essential for school readiness.

Children become independent explorers and music makers through activities such as:

  • Instrument exploration
  • Vocal play
  • Expressive movement
  • Story time
  • Pretend play

In addition, Kindermusik finds it important to educate parents about their child’s development. In each class you will learn new things about how your child is changing every day and how all of the things you do in Kindermusik fosters growth and development of your child. Kindermusik creates a unique opportunity for parents and children to spend quality time with each other, nurturing the bond you have with your child.

The Piano Workshop also offers ABC Music & Me as a partner program at local schools. ABC Music & Me is an award-winning music enrichment program for 2 to 6 year olds that is designed for early childhood learning centers In a typical ABC Music & Me class students will engage in activities such as:

  • Songs and rhymes to develop phonetic awareness and early reading skills
  • Tapping, clacking, and ringing rhythm instruments in time with music to improve hand-eye coordination
  • Focused listening with music to improve skills in following directions
  • Instrument play to strengthen fine motor skills
  • Developmentally-appropriate songs to develop vocal chords and expressive speech
  • Learning that emphasizes storytelling, imaginative play, and taking turns